Ugly Boy Speaks: 'Ukraine announces sanctions against Russia' [PressTV]

Coercive diplomacy has so far proved ineffective in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. Despite three rounds of western sanctions against Russia, the violence in eastern Ukraine has only intensified, with hundreds of civilians dead and the diminishing hopes for post-war reconciliation. And now Ukraine wants to impose its own sanctions against Russia.
The new law, which requires parliamentary approval, will give Kiev government a right to introduce 26 types of sanctions against Russia- one of its biggest trading partners. They include asset freezes, a ban on the activity of enterprises on Ukrainian territory and a full or partial ban on transit of all types of resources. As Russia traditionally used to be Ukraine's biggest trading partner, the losses can reach up to 4 percent of Ukrainian GDP. In spite of this some analysts say that the sanctions are not critical for the country. And can push Ukrainian businesses to more intense integration in to euro. Meanwhile other experts think that by imposing the punitive measures Kiev will harm only Ukrainian interests and will not pose any threats to the Russian economy. Kiev and its western allies blame Moscow for fueling anti-government protest in eastern Ukraine. Russia denies the claims. Now, as Russia has responded to pressure with retaliatory steps and banned a score of western products from its markets, the crisis seems to have reached a dead-end.

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