Creepiest Places - 10 Most Creepiest Places On Earth

Creepiest Places - 10 Most Creepiest Places On Earth There exists 2 sides for everything. Our mother nature has given some beautiful places which are capable making you feel the heaven on earth. At the same time, our earth is also filled with the unexplainable mysterious scariest places that can turn your nights into dreamless. This post is definitely not for the people who want stay away from the creepy stories but for the people who love to visit and experience the scary creepiest places exist on earth. 10 - Although these 2 ghostly towns are said to be the most creepiest places on earth today, until few decades ago these were served as a booming mining towns. However, due to the recession in the year 1960 both of the towns were abandoned by its residents. 9- Although the Riddle house was purchased by Karl Riddle in 1920, when history of this house is traced back to some decades ago, it stuck with the shocking spot funeral parlor. However the paranormal activities were detected in this house only after when the Riddle ‘s employee Joseph hung himself in the attic. Since then those who enter into the attic of this house were believed to be attacked by Joseph. Now the entry to this house is prohibited. 8-This Island is being ruled by Komodo Dragons, world’s largest lizard species. When you enter in this Island, you will be smelled by these cannibalistic, predatory monsters. These monsters have a really good smelling senses. They can even smell the arrival of human before couple of miles away. On this Island, no one can hear your hear scream even the Komso dragons. These scary looking lizards can’t pick up the high frequencies such as the voice of human howling in pain. So make sure you never even dream of going to this creepiest place on earth. Audio By : Source By :

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