1/2 The Debate: 'Iraq Politics' [Sabah Jawad & Nabil Mikhail @ PressTV]

The political crisis in Iraq has deepened. Even though the deadline for incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form a new coalition government was missed by him, Maliki announced that he would be staying on as prime minister anyway. This is while President Fouad Masoum has picked the deputy parliament speaker to form the new government, raising fears of more infighting in the government as country faces the threat of the ISIL in the north. And wait: it’s not over. Since under Iraq’s constitution, the country’s new President Fouad Masoum must ask Maliki to form a new government, since Maliki’s State of Law Coalition won the majority of seats in April’s parliamentary elections. The political crisis in Iraq: the subject of this edition of the debate.

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