USA: Militarised policing clamps down on Ferguson's protesters

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Video ID: 20140813-012M/S Riot police opposite protestC/U Riot police with assault rifles M/S Police opposite line of protestersM/S Protesters holding bannersM/S Poster reading: 'We want a murder charge'M/S Poster reading: 'Hands up! Don't Shoot!' M/S Poster reading: 'Justice is peace' M/S ProtestersM/S Riot police opposite protestersM/S Riot policeW/S Riot policeM/S Riot police van W/S Line of riot policeC/U Riot police shieldsW/S Riot police lineM/S Riot police on top of vanM/S Riot police advancingW/S Protesters W/S Protesters C/U Street sign 'W. Florissant Ave'C/U Street sign 'Northwinds Estates Dr'SCRIPT:USA: Militarised policing clamps down on Ferguson's protestersLarge numbers of heavily-armed police squads arrived in Ferguson on Tuesday to police a demonstration protesting the police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown. A crowd of protesters gathered in front of the burnt-out Quiktrip convenience store on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson and began to march down the street chanting no justice, no peace. Dressed in MARPAT camouflage, body armour and ballistic helmets, the officers were armed with pistols, short-barreled assault rifles and several magazines capable of holding 30 rounds each. The squads patrolled the area in Lenco Bearcat armoured vehicles, capable of carrying up to ten people and being equipped with M60, 240B and Mark 19 weapons systems. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot a police officer Saturday in Ferguson. Brown was allegedly unarmed at the time of the daylight shooting. While the identity of the officer remains unknown with police refusing to release the officer's name, witnesses say he was : : : Plus: +RuptlyTVInstagram: : : on Demand:

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