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SUBSCRIBE to ELITE NWO AGENDA for Latest on EBOLA / PANDEMIC / WHO / AGENDA 21 / GLOBAL RESET / NEW WORLD ORDER / END TIMES EBOLA UPDATE - Spanish Priest Dies; WHO Gives OK To EXPERIMENTAL Serum ZMAPP Ebola continues to spread in West Africa. The latest figures from the World Health Organization cite 1,848 cases of the disease across the region, and 1,013 deaths. Ebola’s victims also include a missionary priest who died in Spain after being evacuated from Liberia last week. The missionary, Miguel Pajares, 75, died at Madrid’s Carlos III Hospital, where he was reportedly being treated with an experimental U.S.-made serum called ZMapp. In a statement released Tuesday, the World Health Organization says it’s ethical to administer untested drugs such as ZMapp to people infected with Ebola, provided the patients give their informed consent. The news comes as Liberia and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration agree on a deal to send a shipment of ZMapp to the African nation. “West Africa is desperate to save the lives of doctors and health workers who’re struggling to contain the outbreak of Ebola,” NPR’s Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports. “Liberia says it will use the scarce new drugs for two doctors who’ve tested positive for the virus.” How in the world is it possible that more than 170 health workershave been infected by the Ebola virus? That is the one question about Ebola that nobody can seem to answer. The World Health Organization is reporting this as a fact, but no explanation is given as to why this is happening. We are just assured that Ebola “is not airborne” and that getting infected “requires close contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person”. If this is true, then how have more than 170 health workers caught the disease? These workers are dressed head to toe in suits that are specifically designed to prevent the spread of the virus. So how is this happening? I could understand a handful of “mistakes” by health workers, but this is unlike anything that we have ever seen in the history of infectious diseases. These health workers take extraordinary precautions to keep from getting the virus. If it is spreading so easily to them, what chance is the general population going to have? Overall, more than 1,700 people have been officially infected and more than 900 people have officially died so far. But an official from Samaritan’s Purse says that the real numbers are probably far, far higher… Former FDA official Scott Gottlieb, M.D. warns that under current CDC procedures, healthy Americans who show no symptoms of the virus could be detained indefinitely if Ebola hits the United States. ebola "ebola outbreak" spain evacuation spanish zmap serum ethics treatment effects "side effects" cure emergency global who hospital "private hospital" health healthy healthcare vaccine freedom respect africa "west africa" "emory hospital" virus germs supply supplies african epidemic pandemic "face mask" priority usa america u.s. "united states" control power population "flu virus" flu 2014 winter news "elite nwo agenda" george soros bioweapons lab conspiracy theory truth sheeple exposed lies illuminati mh17 mh370 false flag attack bilderberg bohemian grove obama problem reaction solution david icke rant daboo77 coast to coast am In an article for Forbes entitled If Ebola Arrives In The U.S., Stopping It May Rely On Controversial Tools, Gottlieb, former Director of Medical Policy Development for the Food and Drug Administration, asserts that Ebola is likely to arrive in the U.S. and that if it does the CDC will invoke powers to “hold a healthy person against his will.” Hospitals in Europe are preparing for the possible spread of Ebola out of Africa as the World Health Organisation said a vaccine could be ‘rushed through’ by early next year. shtf prepare demcad survival contaigon movie iam legend 28 days later One suspected victim was yesterday in isolation at a Hamburg hospital after coming down with a fever after a visit to Sierra Leone, where the virus has claimed 12 lives. Ebola Can be Turned into Bioweapon, Russian & UK Experts Warn “Such possibility exists,” says Russian head of Department of Infectious Diseases... What You Need to Do to Survive Ebola BEFORE the Panic Starts The Ebola virus is spreading and no one in any position of authority is releasing information to the public about how serious of a contagion this is Thursday at the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health hearing titled, “Combating the Ebola Threat,” Samaritan’s Purse’s vice president of programs and government relations Ken Isaacs said, “Ebola is out of control in West Africa,” and then criticized the reporting on the crisis by saying, “I look of the Drudge Report, it can drive a lot of panic.” zmapp

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