The Mike Brown Shooting: 'What You're Not Being Told' [Dorian Johnson @ StormCloudsGathering] PLAY

The Mike Brown Shooting: 'What You're Not Being Told' [Dorian Johnson @ StormCloudsGathering]


  • Rachelwordsmith#

    Rachelwordsmith August 17, 2014 3:40:01 PM CEST

    this is what happens when you have a police culture pumped up on steroids and adrenaline that is taught to be aggressive and intimidating, a culture whereby small minded cops know they are above the law. A culture where the public is the enemy. I've always said that police work attacks low intelligence sociopaths. Smart sociopaths become politicians and CEOs while the dumb ones are crooks== cops are crooks too, just on the other side of the law...mostly. Every cop breaks the laws on some level every day.

  • Capsule001#

    Capsule001 August 16, 2014 6:24:59 PM CEST

    He used his aggression and size to bully and intimidate an innocent man.
    Although i don't agree with the way the police handled this, i do believe that if Mike Brown was a nice person he'd still be alive today. You reap what you sow.

  • Ferdf#

    Ferdf August 16, 2014 3:26:59 PM CEST

    Its odd that everyone knows what happened before the whole story comes out, I pray for Micheal's family but seeing the video about how he acted just before the shooting at the store he robbed by using his size against the store manager then walking out and I get the ideal that he was feeling so tough and only after a blood test to see if he was on anything that fatal day will anyone know the full story

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye August 16, 2014 2:34:51 PM CEST

    The really sad thing is that it is not an irregular or isolated incident

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye August 16, 2014 2:20:09 PM CEST

    In whose sick version of reality is it ok to murder someone for walking in the street?!
    That is exactly what this is, murder... and by someone supposed to be bringing security and protection.
    To commit murder from such a place of trust should carry double the sentence if not worse, but the sick thing is this pig will probably walk free because of the corruption within the system

  • achim#

    achim August 16, 2014 2:04:59 PM CEST

    Americas next war is against there own people. there are pouching the people so far that thy will attack there own government. when i saw the video above i was thinking one thing is missing a tank. but if thy go on like this it wound be long. in Belgium the police is also growing that detection.very aggressive reacting to people specially in the evening or night. as if there be-zest or not human like there chains for sun down.
    i hop this will not end in a civil-war not in Europe and not in America

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