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Alien Star Ship Orb Of White Light 8/15/2014.IMG 1582

  • X17guy
  • uploaded: Aug 16, 2014
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  • X17guy#

    X17guy August 21, 2014 5:43:14 PM CEST

    Now you
    Became aware in your past life
    Where are you at that time knew stayed
    Very long time in Egypt, the UK, France or the Middle East, Eastern countries and lived in your country is born, you knew
    Therefore it
    Mankind is regardless of the country and ethnic
    One Father's child was born
    In the flow of time and lived many lives
    Any race ,any ethnic
    You are not someone else
    Related to each other is the brother of your a past life or
    the parents or children or nephew
    And Your and their descendants
    So Any race,any ethnic
    With you at one time the family
    And you did not even born a man's lust
    Also you did not born in the flesh
    Beings born from the only Father
    The existence of the soul
    You known it born children of different blood types
    The Father who loves children
    that is it because of you are born with different races , different ethnic
    Only One race. one ethnic
    Love it ,it is never not available reason
    You can not be love that only one children with a particular blood type
    Be Like it
    It is simply that children's personality ,other features
    My father's eyes
    The children of mankind
    Each one life, one soul is Noble
    There's no unlovely child
    You wear different clothes every day
    As if you will not have anyone else
    Your body ,such as change of clothes Be
    Therefore as shown in Revelation, like a very old long white cloth
    This is a very long time, your soul to travel all over the globe, all the same.
    So you hate the nation each other, and the brutal war between that country
    How ignorant and worthless
    to distinguish each other is
    And how acting like idiots
    You'll find
    Your muzzle aimed at each other
    You will hate one each other,
    But He is
    Can be,directly Grandchildren and the children of your soul, and least once Inherited your blood,bloodline also
    My beloved brothers and sisters of humanity
    From the beginning, past some one hundred thousand years
    Now generations of mankind
    Thou have already such a long time
    Soul divided by the blood so entwine like a bamboo basket
    so One family!
    If you hate other ethnic, other countries,
    and discrimination of another skin color
    it was, you hate your brother and that you discriminate against your child
    Remember,you are and your soul,also
    Be in love with each other, and one
    Soon ! Me and my dad
    With you ,will be one!

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