8/18/2014 -- Police state here -- National Guard deploying to St. Louis / Ferguson Missouri

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Please get the word out!!I've got a full post on the breaking news here: National Guard to be deployed here in North Saint Louis Rioters went nuts tonight. Starting around 830pm CDT, a series of violent events began to play out at the hands of the rioting looters (not to be confused with legitimate protesters).A shooting in the crowd, followed by responding officers being fired upon. Mcdonalds was then raided by looters, who took over the store, the employees having to take cover , locking themselves in a storage room calling for responded by 915pm CDT. Cleared the crowds on the street by looting has occurred: Oreilly Auto parts, Ferguson Tire, Dellwood market, Quik Trip at 270, walgreens, target, mcdonalds, multiple reports of personal property damage (broken windows, stolen property). Several more locations supposedly hit, will attempt to get a full rundown of all the shops looted this serious shame on them. If they thought police and curfew was bad, just wait for the was a curfew set in the first place? See how the looters went wild, and hear my reaction live as it all occurred two days ago here:

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