Contact of hundred type

In 1978, an US-American investigation team visited the Semjase Silver Star Center in Hinterschmidrueti for the first time. Wendelle C. Stevens, Tom Welch, Lee and Brit Elders were confronted with a center that was FIGU's property for one year only and stood in the beginning of its delevopment. 'Billy' Eduard A. Meier (BEAM) speaks about his contacts, his photos, films and his tasks as a "herald of truth". Various scenes show the following issues: Beamship hovering over road with car passing underneath Photos and footage of beamships Landing tracks Witnesses's reports by group members and neighbors etc. Whirring sound of beamship Metal samples Computer analysis Lying detector test and so forth Information about: Why is 'Billy' Eduard A. Meier (BEAM) the sole contactee? How far advanced are the Pleiadians/Plejarans? Assassination attempts on Billy Using beamship models? Why do the ET's visit us? Attempt to kidnap Billy's children What about the future of Billy's Mission? DVD:

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