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Something new about the Mars Face....

  • zerox
  • uploaded: Sep 28, 2007
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  • zerox#

    zerox July 23, 2010 1:47:25 AM CEST

    No, he does give himself credit for the stone markers that he discovered surrounding the Face on Mars, not the face itself or the Cydonia region.

  • Kabuki1000#

    Kabuki1000 July 23, 2010 1:32:18 AM CEST

    Yeah, actually he does credit himself with the discovery:"I will present a very important discovery that I alone have made...."Then later:"NASA's misinformation junkies messed up. I have wonderful eyes for details."LOL

  • Chalk246delta#

    Chalk246delta August 22, 2009 6:11:01 PM CEST

    Dude stop being stupid hes doing no such thing... He didn't say look what i found all by myself and Richard C. Hoagland didn't find them either unless of course your telling me he has his very own satellite floating around in space up thr,then yeah your story would hold water... The truth is NASA techs screwed up on purpose in leaking these images out like with the face so people would know the truth it's as simple as that...This guy is not taking credit for Discoveries that were made by NASA computer Techs hes simply stating the obvious the only thing i see him taking credit for are the stones around the face the rest hes just educating you and others how this stuff is real and it can't be fake thats all hes doing...Dude why are you so defensive chill out man before you have a heart attack:(

  • Mastive72#

    Mastive72 February 28, 2009 1:58:13 AM CET

    OMG...LOL... I never realized this face had a zit on it's below it's left eye. We know the face is there so what. We know there is a cover up so people like us will scream about it, yet no one will do what they really should do and create a 21st century revolution, and fight against all the elitist with an agenda to keep their hungry power pockets filled. Mastive72 activist saying "Let's Kick Some Corporate and Government ASS"...

  • Ntelgntnrg#

    Ntelgntnrg October 4, 2007 7:32:16 PM CEST

    We should give credits to those who discover new things, or create things or generate new ideas. We shouldn't steal their ideas and discoveries, but it is very good thing if they do not sell knowledge and ideas, but instead share it for free. We can help them to spread the ideasm discoveries, etc for the sake of our civilization and better future.

  • Hopouk#

    Hopouk September 30, 2007 6:28:30 PM CEST

    Still, it is important that people know about this. And what better way than the internet? Does anyone know of a good program that has mapped Mars?

  • Hypnopants#

    Hypnopants September 30, 2007 6:45:06 AM CEST

    yes, but I think what he means if that while on google earth he discovered it... he may not be taking credit for other people's work, but simply he's not the first to discover it. but speak of which, the whole intelligence thing... it looks more as if they were just like our egyptians maybe? not THAT intelligent, but well enough.

  • zerox#

    zerox September 29, 2007 8:39:03 AM CEST

    It is not important who discovers this information, all that matters is it is being heard. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am in this for truth not fame and fortune.

  • Bagmax#

    Bagmax September 29, 2007 2:51:11 AM CEST

    I agree , although one must consider that perhaps this person has not reveiwed the work done by Mr.Hoagland.From a grammatical point of veiw I would assume the individual is young , albeit pretentious.

  • Nightdavid#

    Nightdavid September 28, 2007 12:25:24 PM CEST

    Whoever it was that made the vidoe is full of crap. This person DID NOT DISCOVER ALL THAT ALONE. These are all things that were found YEARS ago by Richard C. Hoagland and other ufologists that have studied Mars. Whoever made this video should stop trying to take credit for other peoples work

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