Max Igan Decoding the Control Grid [FULL VIDEO]

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Aug 27, 2014
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Max Igan is a radio talk show host, researcher, artist, musician, philosopher, free thinker, champion for the truth, and a true renaissance man. Max is the man behind the website , which is filled with great information for those seeking the truth. The world is in a messed up state, a lot of which can be traced to the money system. We need to cancel all debt right now. The monetary system has created shortage in the world and created the dog-eat-dog, psychopathic mentality that modern society now has. We dont need a dishonest system that knowingly enslaves us to a corrupt New World Order is already here. We need an absolute change, but we dont need a global government. We need a group of elders, unity amongst people, administrators who will look after the infrastructure. We need a global awakening to see the power people have within themselves to effect change. We are being shepherded into a place where we shouldnt be. We need to address this money supply the most important factor of control thats in place, and the interest on country George Bush mentioned as the axis of evil countries had no central bank. The war on terror is about installing a central bank in each of those countries. Its about enslaving people to debt economic hit men. We need to wake up to it; to stand up to by example, be the change you want to seeyou empower those you come across and they start to look into things themselves. Truth isnt told, its is the answer to everything. All the problems we face are symptoms of the divided state of human consciousness.

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