Police witness UFO in Pennsylvania - August 26, 2014

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After responding to a call regarding unusual lights in the sky, police in Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania say they also witnessed a UFO. ABC 27 in Harrisburg reported on a UFO sighting in Lower Paxton Township Monday night. Resident Stephanie Wilkerson says she was enjoying a glass of wine when she spotted a strange light. She told ABC 27, “I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn’t moving. I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors.” She called to her husband to come outside and also called a neighbor. She says her neighbor was amazed and got a pair of binoculars to get a closer look. At first the neighbor thought it was a planet, but he says it changed colors, turning yellow, which made him rule that out. Wilkerson says she then decided it was time to call the cops. An officer came by, and apparently he was also baffled by what he saw, especially after seeing the object move when he looked at it through the binoculars.

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