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SEXUAL SOCIOPATH: GAY California Landscape Architect CHARGED For Willfully SPREADING H.I.V!!

A gay California landscape architect who claims to be the grand-nephew of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez is accused of intentionally spreading HIV to others. Thomas Guerra, who also goes by the name of Ashton Chavez, is alleged to have purposefully infected at least 24 men in and around the San Diego area. And hundreds more could be at risk, it's claimed, as the reportedly promiscuous 29-year-old allegedly sought to spread the deadly virus to as many victims as possible. A San Diego City's Attorney office report claims that Guerra would text and email men to say that he was HIV negative. Then, after having sex with them, he would allegedly boast to other pals about how he had infected them. Investigators reportedly found hundreds of text messages on his cellphone. A man who says he was infected by Guerra spoke to CBS News 8, saying he wanted to warn others about his alleged actions. "His behavior needs to stop," he said. Another alleged victim told FOX5 that the sexual "sociopath" doesn't understand the impact he's having in his sexual partners' lives. Guerra has been charged with one count of willfully exposing himself, as an infectious individual, to another person. It is a misdemeanor offence, with a maximum sentence of six months and a $1,000 fine. But his original accuser, who dated Guerra for several months, said he hoped his added allegations would boost the charge to a felony - punishable by up to eight years in prison. "His weapon is using his body to infect these people. Why? I don't know why he's doing this," he told CBS News 8. "He's forever changing these people's lives and these people have no clue what's happening to them," he added. Guerra is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. The attorney's office said an investigation into whether more charges should be filed was ongoing.

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