'Violence to Peace' [GroundedBeing]

We are being called to look closely at ourselves. The world around us explodes with hate and a culture of violence. We are being called to examine our way of life.
There is a tidal force of outward blame that has consumed our species, pointing the finger towards something other than ourselves. It is easier to accuse than claim responsibility. It is more convenient to attack someone else for the atrocities unfolding.
Yet if we look inside of ourselves, we can clearly see where the violence and atrocities begin. Consumed with the influence of our ancestors, we continue the downward spiral created by antiquated beliefs. Beliefs that suggest we are right and someone else is wrong.
The energy and momentum of the human existence is fueled by the belief that we must do something to stop someone else from following their chosen path. But why are people choosing paths of destruction and violence? People are full of fear.
Fear of not having enough, fear of not being heard or seen, fear they will be attacked and harmed.
I watch my four year old daughter when she is scared of something. I watch her body language as she tries to protect herself drawing inward, closing down. As the fear progresses, she explodes in tears and shakes uncontrollably. Her outward reaction to fear is the same reaction I see in the world today.
When my daughter is scared and trembling from some perception she has formed about an outside influence, I call her back into herself. I have her wiggle her toes and feel her body in the present moment. We walk outside and connect our senses to nature. We look at a tree, listen to the birds, smell the flowers, feel the soil, and taste the air.
As I see the violence growing, I know the only solution is to go within and calm the frightened child that lives in each of us. As we begin to ground ourselves in the richness of the present moment, we emit a frequency of peace. When we address the violence and fear inside ourselves, we affect the surrounding world. It really is that simple.
Pay attention to the people around you today. Notice when someone is angry or happy and how that person influences the people around them. Notice how you feel and watch the reactions of the people surrounding you, are they drawn to you or repelled away?
The raging of the outside world is simply a manifestation of what lies within each individual. We are being called by the violence to look deeply inside of ourselves, not continue the violence by blaming. When we change our inner worlds, the outer world shifts automatically. Do you really want to help change the trajectory on this planet? Begin with self examination and ground into the present moment. The affect will be swift, evident, and real. Peace.

- Grounded Being -

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