Sex Magic

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Quotes from "The Magical and Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs" by Richard Alan Miller.

Audio: The Dream - Jocelyn Pook from CD Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

"The conscious ego learns to cooperate with the imaginative subconscious. The importance of being able to function in a quasi-borderland state (neither awake nor profoundly asleep) may well be more than half of the technique of magic." [p.18]

"Coniunctio is an alchemical term symbolizing the unification of opposites. When the opposites to be united are the masculine consciousness and the feminine unconsciousness, the union is termed the royal marriage. This royal marriage is a transcendent symbol of the self and embodies psychic totality, or wholeness.
Psychosexual energy is the principal element behind contemporary western magic today. In the East, it is known as Kundalini, or the serpent power. It is the single strongest emotion alterant available, channeling sexual energy into a process of self-development. It is also the foundation of tantra." [p.44]

"There is only one creative energy -logos- which manifests itself from its lower form -sexual energy- to the supreme spiritual or divine power. Our true purpose as human beings is to raise consciousness higher, to ever more spiritual levels. Accelerating the stimulation and activation of your nerve and brain centers can help in this quest for greater awareness.
The secret is already built into the body but is latent. It is a living fire, known in Eastern philosophy as kundalini. This living fire is expressed through sexual energy but can be sublimated for spiritual purposes. This energy is the link between mind and matter.
The secret of sexual energy is not only that it is capable of creating new life through the act of generation, but that it is a vehicle for moving step-by-step up the discrete levels of consciousness to God realization." [p.82]

"The crown of creation is experienced as a feeling of universal consciousness, also known as God realization. With this mystical union comes the supreme fulfillment of all religious meditation practices. Those who have actualized this state of consciousness are known as masters and have realized their true being and become one with God." [p.84]

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