Universal Life Energy

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From: Eros Unredeemed - Dieter Duhm (Verlag Meiga) (page 175)

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Life in our own organism and life in the biosphere around us are made up of the same energy: the universal life energy.

In the courses of being discovered it has recieved many names, such as Chi, Mana, Prana, Orgone, etc.;
many different aspects of it have been described, rarely however, its sexual aspect (exept in Wilhelm Reich's work).

Sexual energy, however, is one of the main aspects of universal life energy within any organism.

Universal life energy appears in various states of matter, either more solidified or more refined.

It affects everything that has to do with our sexuality as well as our emotions and thoughts, and plays a decisive role in determining we are ill or in good health.

It affects all outer processes of growth and creation, overall natural circulatory systems and even the weather.

It forms the psychological as well as the meteorological atmosphere.
Spontaneous changer in the weather with intense psychological events are based on this interconnection.

The entire biosphere possesses a unified energy system, a unified system of information stored in the genetic code, and a unified system of matter consisting of chemical elements and their properties.

In addition it can apparently withstand an enormous amount of strain and - due to its inherent power of self-healing - can regenerate itself with nearly inexhaustible power.

Otherwise there would no longer be any sprouting, blossoming, singing or laughing, after all that we have inflicted upon it for millenia.

On the one hand we are facing outer destruction, consisting of the extermination of large populations and species, the pollution of the air and the contamination of the water,

the breeding of fur-bearing animals and livestock, the hunting of whales and the killing of seals, etc.

On the other hand we are facing destruction from within, consisting of a lack of meaning and purpose in life, a fear of life itself, the loss of the ability to love, and psychosomatic illnesses of various kinds.

Together they exert such a great amount of strain on the global organism that it is only a matter of time before it snaps.

The crises in our inner and outer environments are two sides of the same problem and can be understood and solved only by adopting an overall view.

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