Jesus of Nazareth - Paul Verhoeven

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Gospel of Paul Verhoeven

Who was the historical Jesus?
In search of the hidden truth behind the New Testament.
Most of the text is translated into English from the (Dutch) book cover.

Besides cinema, Hollands greatest film director Paul Verhoeven (1938) has another lifelong fascination: Jesus of Nazareth.
After he left Holland in 1985 he applied for membership of the Jesus Seminar in California, a scientific thinktank of about seventy eminent professors of theology, filosophy, linguistics and bible history.
He was allowed to join the discussions that aimed at freeing the historical Jesus of the mythical, biblical Jesus, to strip him of two thousand years of christian colouring.
As a contribution to this research Paul Verhoeven - a mathematics an physics graduate - wrote many scientific papers that formed the basis for his present book.
Some of his proposed and argumented theses are:
* It is possible that Maria was raped by a Roman soldier during the jewish rebellion in Galilea of 4 BC, and that Jesus was the result of that.
* After Jesus was baptised by John, he started baptising on his own - to the great rage of John.
* The exorcisms were way more physical than the gospels suggest. Jesus screamed and spit the 'possessed' in ears, mouth or eyes.
* Jesus thought that his succesful exorcisms were proof that God's kingdom had appeared. He was wrong.
* During most of his preaching, Jesus was fleeing from the authorities. First Herod Antipas was after him, later the temple police and the Romans.
* Jesus advised his students to sell their cloacks and buy swords in stead. This is when Jesus transformed into a revolutionary.
* The authorities sentenced this 'political agitator' to death in absentia. Jesus was hiding in the desert at that time.
* Jesus was not betrayed by Judas Iscariot. We do not know the name of the traitor Judas was just an apostate who left the Jesus movement because he did not believe in the resurrection.
* If the grave of Jesus was empty, it was Mary from Magdala who robbed his body.
* The kingdom of God that Jesus expected in the short term, never arrived. That is why the christians have made the crucified and resurrected Jesus into that kingdom.

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