"Boiling Stumbling Mind" Model

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Depression, mania, psychosis, mood-swings, insomnia, anxiety attacks, etc. are 'symptoms' of HEALING and will eventually get worse if suppressed by so-called medication or other distraction.

A therapist should help client find out what changes (like spirituality, self- or world-image, job, relationship, lifestyle), however painful, are needed to feel well/ whole/ healed again.

Most (if not all) mental dis-eases are caused by lack of harmony between cognitive (mind, psyche) and emotional (soul, instinct) consciousness.

Model of understanding mental insatbility as 'symptom' of phase transition (i.c. mind-set/ change of mind/ consciousness or paradigm shift).

Note: In stead of "mental stress" you can also read "information" or "knowledge that is in conflict with the existing paradigm".

A simplified (experimental) model to explain mania/ psychosis as a temporary state between two stable states of mind.

Based on Synergetics, theory of phase transitions and self-organisation or emergence in nature, by prof. Hermann Haken. (For "State Shift" read "Phase Transition".)

Adapted from Synergetics site:
"Synergetics is an interdisciplinary field of research that was founded by Hermann Haken in 1969. It deals with complex systems that are composed of many individual parts that interact with each other and are able to produce spatial, temporal or functional structures by self-organization. In particular, synergetics searches for general principles governing self-organization irrespective of the nature of the individual parts of the systems that may belong to a variety of disciplines such as physics, meteorology, chemistry, biology, movement science, brain activities, computer sciences, sociology, psychology and psychiatry.
The present research activities focus on brain theory and psychology."

I will make a better version later.

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