Trial of Jesus, the Christ - 2:Court banners bent

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Trial of Jesus, the Christ - 2:Court banners bent down but Pilate was once born but honest. Trial of Christ Jesus - 2 Matt. 27:- When Jesus was brought to the Court of Pilate, the banners bowed down in honour of Christ Jesus but Pilate being a once born king could not imagine why? But the clever Jews standing outside did and complained to Pilate that his men had purposely bent down the banners in honour of Christ Jesus. The Pilate asked the Jews to bring in strong men from them to hold the banners and asked Jesus to go out and re-enter his court. Jesus did and a centurion who was twice born put his handkerchief down for Jesus to tread upon and the banner still bent down to honour Christ Jesus. Still Pilate had no idea of the qualities of Jesus and took no notice of this miracle. And Jesus stood before the governor: and the governor asked him, saying, Art thou the King of the Jews? Jesus did not answer as a once born person would not know what type of King He is. When asked Him third time then Jesus said unto him, if Thou sayest so. And when he was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing. Let the Pilate judge for himself and not to put the blame on any one else. Pilate although was a once born but had fear of God within his heart. PARABLES IN THE LIGHT OF TRINITY:- Please download and print these three pages from my web sites: Print them and I will explain what I have written. Then, the whole Bible and other Gospels would come to your finger tips. There is nothing like face to face discussion but the Customer for this Knowledge are very few and far between. St.Thomas proclaimed, One in thousand and two in ten thousands. They would be solitary but of one accord. University theologians are super donkeys carrying Holy Books and being drunk with the Old Wine of Scriptures, they desireth not the New Wine. You need to be a twice born person of spirit and not a once born of the Books. There is no Copyrights on my Videos and if you are interested in translating them into other languages, just write down the text in English and I will edit it for you. I will also help

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