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The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

Read his book in e-book format on my website! It's a MUST READ !! This wonderful guy has been dedicating his life to the deepest Wisdom; he's been all over to different places on the Earth and otherwise. :)

launches shoes at pres. Bush angry iraqi throws shoes at president bush in Baghdad attack of the shoes no kick for bush on trip to iraq bush affirms commitment to afghanistan in surprise visit bush arrives in afghanistan for talks with karzai, rally with u.s. troops bush arrives in kabul for talks bush brushes off iraqi's shoe attack: 'a size 10' bush dodges flying shoes bush dodges shoes during surprise visit to iraq thrown bush dodges two shoes thrown by iraqi journalist during news conference bush ducks flying shoes flung by reporter lingering concerns on iraq bush in iraq defends the war but says it's 'not over'
bush makes stop in afghanistan to rally troops bush makes surprise stop in afghanistan after visit to iraq rally u.s. troops bush makes surprise visit to afghanistan Kabul bush says auto bailout not ready he signaled' possibility of using tarp to bail out automakers
bush stops in Afghanistan bush visits Afghanistan bush visits iraq, dodges flying shoes
bush: abrupt auto bankruptcy could devastate economy bush: retreat in iraq would have meant failure bush's final iraq visit marks gains, meets contempt carmakers feel urgency to see bush act on rescue plan exclusive interview: bush 'not insulted' by thrown shoes
in final visit to iraq, bush dodges a shoe iraqi journalist throws one shoe, then the other at bush iraqi journalist throws shoe at president bush during visit to iraq iraqi journalist thrown by iraqi journalist president bush rallies troops with surprise trip to afghanistan
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after riots, greek protesters carry on angry iraqi hurls shoes at bush in Baghdad ap impact: pakistan offensive shows slow success armani, 74, will keep his company if his health athens after riot crossroads for marines' $27 billion program 'day the earth stood still' invades no. 1 spot egypt bus crash reportedly kills 57 family of slain immigrant urges action four deaths blamed on ice storm hamas leaders say will not extend gaza truce
ill. governor: eager for battle, rarely victorious ill. officials issue fresh calls for resignation illinois governors have history of engaging in pay-to-play politics
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madoff's big lie' to hurt fairfield sentry, kingate as hedge funds bleed make like 'giving tree': give gifts of health many like michelle obama, but some just don't know her
mccain won't say he'd back palin for president motive, suspect sought in fatal oregon bank bombing new credit card rules may bring some relief to consumers new englanders shiver waiting for the power northeast storm knocks out power obama to announce environment, energy team officials report 57 dead in egyptian bus crash oklahoma's bradford is heisman winner palin tops list of memorable quotes in 2008 palin's church severely damaged by arson police search woods for clues in caylee anthony case police thwart moscow rally, seize 90-130 people police thwart moscow rally, seize dozens police: fired employee shoots, kills ceo at office party power outages in northeast after storm puerto rico searches for prowling panther raul castro lauds chavez during first trip as president robert schuller's son leaves crystal cathedral search continues where child's body found service held for va. man, teen slain in india attacks somalia's president attempts to oust prime minister stimulus package to first pay for routine repairs sudan army quits town after death touting new security deal, bush makes final iraq visit treasury's record low borrowing rates failing to benefit corporate debtors u.k.'s brown aims to curb tension in wake of mumbai attacks u.k.'s brown seeks pact against terror
u.n. set to pass mideast peace resolution views on auto aid fall on north-south divide

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