Black helicopters intimidate UFO investigators.

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Black helicopters intimidate UFO investigators. Members of a local Ohio UFO group (Ohio MUFON) were harassed. On 6/15/93, 3 members were on Channel 62 at 7-8:00 PM, on Phyllis Ransom's call-in talk show, "Profiles." This low-power channel is little advertised and has a very small audience. It is beamed to the North of Columbus, such that people in Columbus received it poorly, if at all. The audience was so small that the only questions from the audience came from an employee of the station, who went across the hall to use a pay phone. The phone number of Frank, a pilot who was on the show, was flashed on the screen at the end of the show.

About a half hour after the show, a low-flying Huey flew to his house and circled it three times with its nose down in a firing position. His daughter is a commercial pilot and the family watched this. The helicopters probably came from the Ohio Air National Guard at Springfield, Ohio. (Several other members of the group are pilots.) This activity is reported in the UFO literature. (The helicopters are not necessarily unmarked--they may have dark markings that blend in with their dark surface.)

This type of activity has also been reported in the recent Stephenville, Texas, accounts:

The black military helicopters in this video made low altitude circles for more than an hour. They were Hueys that may have came from the Ohio Air National Guard at Springfield, Ohio. They were filmed intermittently. They circled the area in circles with a smaller and then larger radius. They slowed down/speeded up while doing so. The helicopters flew in numerous configurations. For example, sometimes they flew in an equidistant arrangement and at other times, the two lead helicopters flew close together with the third one following. It is unknown what they were doing, but good video was obtained.

Even with modern technology, many mysteries such as black helicopters and unexplained disappearances remain. For example, a celebrity, Steve Fossett, who set many aviation records and was noted for his daring but also conservative ability to recover, had a crash that wasn't found for many months.

UFOs continue to be in the news. In the last years over Chicago's O'Hare airport and in Stephenville, Texas, beginning around January 8, 2008.

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