Lee Elders: The Billy Meier UFO Case Pt.7/10

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Internationally recognized as one of the premiere UFO investigators, Lee Elders has spear-headed research into some of the most fascinating cases of our time. Lee spent twelve years as a private investigator for major corporations before creating his own electronic counter-measure company, Intercep.

In 1977, a retired Air Force Col., asked Lee to look into a UFO contact case. That was the Billy Meier case, an investigation that spanned three continents, some of the most secure laboratories in the world and a total of five years.

Then in 1991, Jaime Maussan, a respected television journalist, asked Lee to lead the investigation into the sightings over Mexico that began with the total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991. Those sightings and the investigation continue today.

Lee and his wife have written two books on the subject of UFOs, produced seven video tapes and hosted or acted as segment producers for numerous television programs both in the United States and abroad.

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