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St.Thomas:- (60) (1) Jesus saw a Samaritan who was carrying a lamb while he was on his way to Judea. (2) He said to his Workers: "That Samaritan man is carrying the lamb". (3) They said to him: "So that he may kill it (and) eat it." (4) He said to them: "As long as it is alive he will not eat it, but (only) when he has killed it (and) it has become a corpse." (5) They said to him: "Otherwise he cannot do it." (6) He said to them: "You, too, look for a place for your repose so that you may not become a corpse (and) get eaten." (Once again, to the Resurrected Immortal Man, physical death is not acceptable. So why do YOU accept death as inevitable? Can we at least agree that death is not desirable?!) Messianic Jews killed Gentile Apostles, Christianity and they are responsible for deaths during Crusade, Holocausts, sectarian riots, etc. CHRIST JESUS, A UNITER IN GOD AND NOT A DIVIDER IN SATAN. Our living anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus and not the Lord of the antichrist Popes and his dog-collared stooges, is for the living in spirit people and not for the dead in spirit blind people, who do not have holy spirit or common sense and are kept bogged down into prayers as if our Father God does not know the matters of their hearts. In fact, the Messianic Jews killed our Gentile Brethren who were Apostles by forcing them to either read the corrupt Old Testament or face death. Old Testament is under the arm of the Cross and that is why the least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than Prophet Elijah John, the Baptist. Then why people are bogged down in the Old Testament? Because they are blind to spirit and hardly know when Christ Jesus baptised His Labourers employed in the Vineyard of God, the Father and Holy Spirit, the Mother? You have any idea? I doubt it if any one knows because the Baptism of John was corrupted to God, the Father, Holy Spirit, the Mother and the Son, Christ Jesus instead of in the name of Abraham. Jews corrupted it again and this time in the name of Jesus making them blind to spirit Christians. They made people Christians of Physical Body and not of the heart. The result, these Messianic Jews became Brood of Super Vipers worse than those Temple Priests whom John branded them as Vipers and so was the killing on a large scale as during the Crusades, holocausts, sectarian riots, etc. Our

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