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Very strong table movements while Physical Seance

  • Mrfree
  • uploaded: Oct 27, 2007
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  • Mrfree#

    Mrfree February 10, 2008 10:24:35 AM CET

    Regularly we exclude some or more sitters from the experiments, that include physical reactions, like the table-experiments, to prevent, that the phenomena could be caused by arbitrary or non-arbitrary muscular actions by the sitters. And so I can absolute assure you, that the riddle is not so easyly solved with a "fat lady pushing n pulling". If you follow the recording to a later instance you can see, that she takes her hands completely off, while the table still going wild between us! Circle Leader

  • Dealer#

    Dealer January 20, 2008 8:09:05 PM CET

    Its the fat lady pulling and pushing. Fake.

  • Mrfree#

    Mrfree January 17, 2008 8:08:21 PM CET

    to contact the powers from the beyond is one of the oldest rites of civilisation. Only because our First World has nearly lost every sense for these realms, does not mean, that experimenting is per se dangerous! Circle Leader

  • Djinn#

    Djinn December 27, 2007 5:54:50 AM CET

    That's crazy.

  • Thevspiral#

    Thevspiral October 29, 2007 8:25:50 AM CET

    You're medaling with powerful evil beings... I would advise not to go in that direction...

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