Christ Jesus, our anointed Elder Brother, anointed

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Christ Jesus, our anointed Elder Brother, anointed Virgin Daughter of God and anointed Second Adam-2 What applies to our physical parents, the opposite to our spiritual Parents? Jesus was the Representation of God as the Merciful Son. Thus, Brother Theresa of Calcutta was a son of God although she was a female in physical self. In God, we have the Parents in Single Entity and not two as in the physical world. Thus, God is our Father and His Tongue is Holy Spirit, our Mother that Feeds us His Word. All those Workers of Jesus employed in the Vineyard of God were the younger sisters of Christ Jesus or the younger daughters of Holy Spirit. As Jesus was solitary and so were the Workers of Jesus solitary or virgins. At Eucharist, our anointed Elder Brother took His Younger Sisters, the Workers of Jesus employed in the Vineyard of God for celebrating His Marriage. This was Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chambers. Jesus described His Marriage with the Virgins He had trained in the Vineyard of God in the Parable of Marriage of the Son and the one who was not properly dressed for the Wedding Party was Judas Iscariot as he loved Mammon and the praises of me. The Rest all sort the praises of God and not their own. Such solitary people do not accept money when performing the duties of God such as Preaching Gospel or performing the merciful Philanthropic works in the name of God. That is, they are not hirelings unlike the present Dog-Collared Priests and others who accept Mammon for doing the work for God. Such people work for Mammon and not God do not receive the Gospel Truth or the Treasures of God within their hearts.

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