Replication of Howard Johnson's MagnetMotor

Annotated by Sterling: Mylow's Replication of Howard Johnson's All-Magnet Motor -- Last Video
This is a copy of the video MYLOW121363 filmed on the evening of April 3, 2009 and re-posted on April 4, 2009 since the first upload on Apr. 3 appears to have had a glitch.

The first portion of the video shows the motor running. In the last portion of the video Mylow gives his parting words.

On the night of April 2, he said his lawyer brought a man in a suit who took his motor and his papers and left a note telling him it would be in his best interest to stop working on this and to stop posting videos on YouTube. The next morning, they returned the materials, telling him in essence, "This is just a toy, keep it that way."
I wrote up an account of this at

To his credit, he went ahead and posted this video.

Note that in the beginning, the motor accelerates, as he had just started it. Then it reached equilibrium and gradually slows through the remainder of the video. This is most likely due to the alnico stator magnet demagnetizing, either from the eddy currents as the aluminum disc passes by, or from some effect from the rotation phenomenon. Mylow said the stator magnet gets really cold. He measured it a couple of days ago 13 degrees F below room temperature two minutes after he stopped the rotation.

In my opinion, Mylow's subsequent comments on April 4 that he faked all of this are not coming from a genuine space, but out of his being disenchanted with all the negativity he has experienced when he expected support and congratulations.

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