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Freedom Not Fear


  • Truthandjustice#

    Truthandjustice April 7, 2009 12:32:53 AM CEST

    Newt is such a liar. I have problems with the way union votes happen, but the fact is this New Labor Bill gives the Union more power. Personally, not all unions are the same, and not all locals are the same. As a small business owner, I cannot pay more than my receipts, so my concern about unionization of my company simply has to do with my available capital resources, and what I am currently charging my clients. I am not against aspects of the union, but I do not like the thought of paying someone a set amount for his or her labor, regardles of his or her performance. That is my basic concern. I do like the training that unions may provide, and I like workers wanting to work. I personally try to have a very open shop allowing my workers to see my books, know my receipts, and see the proposals. I try to have regular safety meetings, and train the people to be productive and safe. I do not like Newt though. He lies easily, and he exagerates. I believe in Truth and Justice.

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