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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order

  • Herbert
  • uploaded: Apr 11, 2009
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The Council on Foreign Relations
The Bilderberg Group
Trilateral Commission
New World Order
World Government
North American Union
Military Industrial Complex
Federal Reserve fraud
Martial Law
Freedom to Fascism
Big Brother Society
Police State
Cashless Society
Scientific Dictatorships

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  • Eeeeeee#

    Eeeeeee February 28, 2011 7:06:19 PM CET

    But Thats Only The Beginning...Next They Will Replace The Human Race With Genetic Slave Robuts. See Thomas Costelos Nightmare Hall & Dulce Underground Base...The Final Solution.

  • Mudittrivedi#

    Mudittrivedi June 3, 2009 5:58:07 AM CEST

    Seems Globalism has not ended into Extreme Development of all the nations. Its somehow for the purpose of getting the rich nations richer and poor nations poorer. Whatever may be the attitude of Real Globalism, but to the destiny comes rule and slave characteristics. Many countries have benefited to the globalism, but to the extent of and cost of local civilians and local inhabitant spiritualists.But also its contribution to the development of the world economy has been Pro-founding and it has also led to development of some such countries which otherwise would not have come up.

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