Saturns Deathstar Iapetus

  • Uploaded by -Marduk- on Apr 12, 2009
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A look at some of the anomalies on Iapetus. To me, the anomalies suggest that Iapetus is partly or wholly artificial in nature.

What is interesting is that NASA largely ignore the anomalies and following the close flyby of Iapetus in 2007, the images released were less interesting than those captured from much further away in 2004.

The CGI of Cassini is lifted from NASA's "Ring World" video - which has a whole minute on the Iapetus images shown in this video...

After making this video, I discovered that there is a short NASA video "flyover" from 2007

It doesn't show much detail and makes no comments on the very unusual linear/bisecting nature of "The Wall"

Why does NASA ignore the most interesting data from its probes?

Watch the video, or visit the links below and make your own mind up.

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