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Since when do the mighty gods need to catch a ride? Apparently all through history. Even supposed omnipotent gods like Yahweh needed some sort of craft to descend from the heavens.

I offer that you the viewer surf the net or go to your local museum and buy some books on topics of ancient mythology. Learn to open up to signs that point you for this point of view or against.

I leave you with these 3 possible outcomes

1) The ancient gods were that, gods. Beings not of this plane, with more power then we today can imagine.

2) Its all a myth. These people were witnessing strange meteorological and astronomical occurrences and misinterpreting them.

3) The gods were actually the same creatures people report seeing today. Beings with far more knowledge and power then we. Basically aliens, beings from another planet.

option 1 is totally out of the question. If this were true, there would be literally 100s of gods buzzing about earth and manipulating its people. no dice.

option 2 is rational but over looks the amount of time and detail the ancients used in recording events of the sky. Nothing went unnoticed. With this in mind comets, meteors and an assortment of atmospheric happenings would be recorded as well. Im not saying that every assumption to this option is out of bounds though. I am sure in some instances option 2 holds more merit.

Option 3 is also not full proof. The fact that there is no absolute evidence of alien visitors to earth, meaning they don't land in Washington and say "we come in peace" is a major point for some skeptics. I completely agree. Although who are we to judge the actions of beings we know nothing about. I mean they aren't even from our eco-system. So we have no idea of mannerisms and intentions. Also in their eyes we must seem like savages with nuclear weapons. I would tread carefully if i were them as well. lol

Anyway just another one of my rants in support of this theory. Research yourself and see which way you are pointed

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