The Ancient Wisdoms of Mankind

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The wisdom of the ancient cultures is nothing to be ignored. A wealth of knowledge can be gotten from these peoples. There mythology's should not be taken seriously. If anything they should serve to entertain us. The way children's tales do. These people had no way of understanding what lighting was let alone the mysteries of an atom and the greatness of the visible galactic realm. They had no idea the Earth was nothing but a small, mud ball. To them the earth was all there was. So of course the mythologies would reflect that naivety.

Today we know better. Science is the method we now use to explain things. When we see new images of new worlds we look at them with a child like wonder. Science does not take the wonder out of the world. It amplifies it.

These ancient texts do have there importance though. These are the collective wisdoms of each of these culturally different peoples. Each situation, each tale has its own merits. Its own historical value. Within the books and tales featured in this video we find mankind's struggle from infancy. I have included in this video tales from. The Sumerian and Babylonians - The 7 tablets of Creation and Hammurabi's law. The Egyptian - Book of the Dead. The Greek tale the Odyssey . The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Hebrew Torah. The Muslim Koran and The Christian/Catholic Bible.

Most religious dogma prohibits the reading of other books. How is that reasonable on any level. We all now use the internet. Here we can find out every bit of knowledge we can think of. Sharing knowledge and information is what this system is about. The same should be said of our past. All the knowledge should be spread to all the people.

You shouldn't want to know the histories and different situations other of peoples? All they have experienced should be forgotten because they have a different deity? If you fail to remember or acknowledge history, you will be doomed to repeat it. There is no excuse for that.

So speaks the oRACLe

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