Magic Mushroom Law: Forbidding Nature? Pt.2/2

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In The Netherlands, drugs is meassured in two main categories: hard drugs and soft drugs.

The soft drugs are; Marijuana, hashies and psychedelic mushrooms.
These are somewhat 'legal. They're available in larger cities.
Mushrooms are available in;
Smartshops. These Smartshops are selling all kinds of legal (natural or herbal) substances.
And Marijuana is available in; Coffeeshops.
For both shops the same rule goes as with alcohol selling; not for people under the age of 18.

But now there's a new law against the use, selling and growing of psychedelic mushrooms.
The problems arise, namely: These mushrooms also grow naturally in...nature. Such as in a forest and peoples garden.
The main question now is: how to control and oversee these psychedelic mushrooms?

Note; In this video they talk about 'Paddos'. This is a term used for all psychedelic-mushrooms.
The translation of the word 'Paddos' in this video is: mushrooms.

These musrooms were legal. But are now made illegal due to some accidents with tourists whom took these musrooms (along with a mix of alcohol and other substances).

No accidents of Dutch people using psychelic mushrooms are reported in history.

Ask yourself; Why they start to prohibiting this natural fungus?
If the real reason was truly because of accidents; then they also have to start a campaign against alcohol.

Everybody knows that alcohol causes a lot of accidents every year.

While natural elements such as; mushrooms and Marijuana makes people more peacefull...The opposite is widely available; alcohol.

We do not propagade any use of dugs nor alcohol. We just like to show you the contraversies in government rules and restrictions.

It's business as usual. Think about the many alcoholic drinks targeted for younger people. Drinks such as; Breezers.

Last but not least; In Holland the government receives tax money from alcohol and tobacco income. They call this; Accijns belasting.

This is not the case with mushrooms and Marijuana. But the business is huge. Billions of Euro's every year.

So the bottom line is:
Substances without tax income are labelled 'bad'.

And substances with tax income are widely available.

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