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Real Life Time Traveler With Proof?

  • Ghost32
  • uploaded: Apr 23, 2009
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  • Greenghost#

    Greenghost August 27, 2009 7:36:00 PM CEST

    The thing is, if he did travel through time, how in the hell did he get back from the future? Time travel is very complex and we know absolutely nothing about it, so, in theory this could have happened, but what confuses me is how did he find his way back to HIS time and family without any knowledge of time travel?

  • Wolfbane7272#

    Wolfbane7272 August 5, 2009 10:11:39 AM CEST

    you know there have been reports of time rifts and spots where events from the past have played out i think its plausible maybe he just happened to be in the direction of one at the time good vid

  • Cerafairhurst#

    Cerafairhurst May 20, 2009 10:09:45 PM CEST

    i like this vid. I love the idea of time travel

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 April 23, 2009 10:57:32 PM CEST

    you might be right but the guy could have had his tattoo re-worked in the future also right..

  • Jmerr1212#

    Jmerr1212 April 23, 2009 7:12:17 PM CEST

    Well with my experience in tattoos, the older man's tattoo should be faded and not so bold and quite as identical and the younger mans...tattoos do change over time even if just a little bit

  • Nedroj#online

    Nedroj April 23, 2009 4:02:10 PM CEST

    The noses looks the same.

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