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Raquel Marques - Avistamento ou Abducao ?

Raquel Marques (Nurse) - Sighting or Abduction ?

It hapenned in a Road to "Rio Perto City" (Black River City). End of july, beginning of august (full winter in Brazil) year 1996. This Nurse, after a UFO sighting, started to fell a deep heat and got herself plenty of sweat. She doesn't know how long took the sighting (missing time ?). There appeared "strange spots" at her arms. There was no Regressive Hypnosis so there's a 'possibility' of abduction.
Raquel Marques (Enfermeira) - Avistamento ou Abducao ?

Estrada para Rio Preto. Final de julho, principio de agosto (pleno Inverno) ano 1996. Estranho calor intenso e muito suor. Nao sabe quanto tempo de "observacao" (lapso de tempo ?). Mancha parecendo Hematoma da regiao interna do braco. Nao houve Regressao Hipnotica daih a possibilidade de ter havido abducao.


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