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Alien Technology - TR-3B - How it works

  • Ghost32
  • uploaded: Apr 24, 2009
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  • Likeaboss#

    Likeaboss June 10, 2011 10:19:31 PM CEST

    c00l vide0

  • Eeeeeee#

    Eeeeeee March 2, 2011 5:53:52 PM CET

    The Ones In Power Mainly The NWO Will Allways Have This Ceiling Over Us...They Don't Mind Keeping Us In The Stone Age Forever. They Will Allways Frame & Destroy Anyone That Brings Good To Humanity...Good Work AlienSientist. Brawk Couldn't Agree More We Put Up With It...

  • Spinster#

    Spinster October 20, 2010 10:43:12 PM CEST

    a guy on youtube called AlienScientist. he does alot of research on the subjects.

  • Sttoad#

    Sttoad January 17, 2010 5:38:15 PM CET

    I love well researched work. This is much better than seeing videos of google space anomalies.5 stars!

  • Brawk#

    Brawk July 7, 2009 2:41:20 AM CEST

    but the oil companies make us ride around in tin cans run on fossil fuels... what is wrong with this picture and with us for putting up with it?

  • Hoonlo#

    Hoonlo May 22, 2009 3:52:23 AM CEST

    Who is this dude? And how does he know all this stuff...

  • Vulcanic#

    Vulcanic April 25, 2009 5:34:34 AM CEST

    i posted this video a long time ago its pretty cool ,lots of great info, 5 stars!

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