New tape: Kennedy was killed by two CIA bullets

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Apr 26, 2009
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0:18 second shot is fired, Bullet hits Kennedy in the neck (Look how he is trying to cough up a bullet and connally is turning around as you can see hid bleeding shoulder right by kennedys neck) 0:28 fatal shot hits kennedy and connally drops to the floor. This states that kennedy was shot from the front by the grassy gnoll, not from the book depository like the government stated. This shows the assassination was covered up fast so there was no public outrage and riots.

JFK was a Hero, I Never knew how much of a Hero he was till I started to open my eyes to the Truth!

He lived to help bring mankind together. Once he became President he was givin a secret to keep a peice of the puzzle a piece of the truth that is kept from us all


CIA Killed him to stop him from telling you something so horrilbe it would shatter your world.

Lets just say we are not alone and we are fighting a war that isnt on Terror its for our very planet!

Wake up before its to late to the Illuminati and the NWO plans.
All is not lost he so believed it do not let his death be in vain.

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