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April 9 2009 NEW Alex Collier Interview (03 of 12)


  • Futuretech#

    Futuretech April 30, 2009 1:35:57 AM CEST

    Listen closely to this man!I think he is a genuine and sincere man with VERY much wisdom and knowledge.His message could make our world a heaven on earth if we all could change our way of living and thinking.It`s true;we must love each other and stand up for our right to know what`s really going out there.We must re-discover our past and get back the true connection to the nature and the cosmos.We must throw away our false pride and arrogance.We must leave our materialistic way of living and seek spiritual growt instead of be slaves of this world of deception and hate.It is in fact a matter of life and death.We should be very thankful to our cosmic neighbours for their help and insight.I hope and pray that we all will survive this battle and that love and justice and peace will be our destiny.

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