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April 9 2009 NEW Alex Collier Interview (11 of 12)


  • Unknown360#

    Unknown360 August 19, 2009 6:21:57 PM CEST

    No problem I was amazed noone else had posted ANY Alex Collier videos prior to myself so I just had to post them. Make sure you watch the older ones they describe a lot more this recent one doesnt really compare.

  • Tamsmstam#

    Tamsmstam August 18, 2009 12:32:24 PM CEST

    Thanks for the Upload!

  • Flyingpenguin#

    Flyingpenguin May 3, 2009 8:30:53 PM CEST

    I totally Agree with Unknown360m, but I admire his guts on being so brave enough to put out such an information...I couldn't imagin my self being sble to do the same.

  • Unknown360#

    Unknown360 May 1, 2009 6:40:22 PM CEST

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I encourage you to keep asking questions and do your own research to prove this drunk wrong (LOL) Its more important that you heard what he had to say than to ignore it.

  • Cdr123#

    Cdr123 May 1, 2009 7:09:01 AM CEST

    I watched this guy talk about E.Ts on the moon and gavity in craters caused by "sunlight". He also spoke about the real reason for pyramids was to stop the planet from wobbling!!!Is this guy for real? It's all a tad odd if you ask me.

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