Forbidden History & Ancient Voyages Pt.4/8

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Forbidden History & Ancient Voyages

During the middle two hours, archeologist and anthropologist Gunnar Thompson discussed the forbidden history of the world before Columbus. There were numerous ancient voyages to the New World before 1492, but most people have a tremendous ignorance of this history, he declared.
Thompson shared evidence for ancient civilizations such as the Chinese and Roman making trips to the Americas. A Ming Dynasty Map (see below), created one hundred years before Columbus' voyage, shows details of North and South America and Chinese maps going back to 1000 AD were also very accurate, he detailed. The Chinese had huge fleets that sailed to Africa, he added.
A Roman map from the fifth century AD showed a southern continent that is similar to South America, and Egyptian artifacts were found in El Salvador in the early 1900's, he continued. However, most historians adopt a dogmatic view of past explorations and discard this type of evidence as either a hoax or a fraud, he commented.
Date: Monday 02-19-07
Host: George Noory

Gunnar Thompson provided us with a set of material to accompany his presentation, including images of maps that date back hundreds of years.
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