US Census Worker Visits to get GPS & Yells At Me

  • Uploaded by Pindz on May 12, 2009
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US Census Worker Visits to get GPS & Yells At Me For Filming Him On My Porch (NWO)
A US Census worker came to my house today in Greenville SC to give me a piece of paper and punch in the GPS coordinates. He would have not told me about the GPS unless i asked. Then his explanation was to "matchup" the house better. I thought I was very nice to him.

Then as he walked around the neighborhood i shot some video as is my right even on a public street muchless my own porch.

He then came back and rang my doorbell to interrogate me on why i was taking his picture.

Particularly interesting is how he yelled he worked for the Federal Government. And I was invading his privacy even though he was just at MY front porch punching in a GPS to my front door.

He didnt walk away until I informed him it was MY constiutional right to film him. He wasnt happy at all. My neighbors were alarmed at his tone with me as they were walking by. They couldnt figure out why he was freaking out.

This is really disturbing. It seemed as though my camera was a gun to him. Even before i came back out to film he was staring at me as soon as i walked out. He was watching me before i even filmed him. I think it was because I asked about the GPS which he wasnt going to explain.

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