Many are called, Few chosen by grace of God - 1.

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Every body has heard of this famous saying of Christ Jesus, hardly few realise what it means? Holy spirit is common sense that the sensible people possess and they are capable of handling the Treasures of God, the Gospel Truth that is to be Proclaimed from the Housetops. Thus, out of the 100, you hardly find ten percent sensible twice born people and out of these twice born, ninety nine percent go for Mammon than God. Those who go for Mammon, they are the Dog-collared hireling Clerics of Mammon, who do not work for their living as St.Paul did as a Tent maker, but they live as parasite over the simple minded once born disciples of Christ Jesus, the stones, who are kept bogged down in prayers on the request of the sweet spoken hireling clerks because the disciples of Jesus have no idea that God knows the matters of their hearts and they do not need to babble in public.

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