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  • Avimoas
  • uploaded: May 15, 2009
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  • Hidflect#

    Hidflect May 15, 2009 9:03:11 PM CEST

    If your confused about whether "they" really exist or not; "Gordo" Gordon Cooper (as in the film The Right Stuff - the Dennis Quad character.. "Who's the best pilot you ever saw... " yada yada.) saw, with a group of USAF personnel at a "High-precision Landing Field" for Sabres, a spaceship land and take off again right in front of him Happened, was filmed and reported 10 years before he was chosen for the Mercury Astronaut program.. And they didn't pick hallucinating madmen for that li'l ol' project.

  • georgethebear#

    georgethebear May 15, 2009 7:23:02 PM CEST

    There they go again trying to insult our intelligence. Space debris, MY ARSE.

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