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Simon Shack's September Clues 2008 - Epilogue


The conclusion of this breakthrough ... with more to come.

Join our research into television fakery at http://forum.911movement.org

There, you will find talented researchers Simon Shack, OzzyBinOzwald, Killtown, Fred and many many others unhampered by arguments about "which plane flew where" knowing full well that the planes are a hoax on the world's imagination.

Help us find out who was responsible for taking over our airwaves, and help us get them back. Help us wake the world up. Send "September Clues" to everyone who is stuck on the misleading "Loose Change" or "Zeitgeist" ... help them understand the extent to which TV fakery is an element of every-day television, and that the "911 truth" movement is plagued by shills who are trying to cover this up.

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