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Montauk Monster, the UFO Unidentified Floating Object witch washed ashore last summer is back or should I say some folks decided to video another UFO and posted on the net and ask questions such as why they got rid of it so fast or how come no one preformed an autopsy on it... yah right! I can see the chief medical examiner at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center shouting You want me to do what? examine a god damn road kill are you out of your firkin mind ...why dont you taste it and tell me what it taste like...Probably chicken... so then we shall conclude that either its a chicken or monsters too taste like chicken....
Bottom line is that as a society we seem to enjoy watching animals and people suffer from Abu Graib to shock collars for dogs.
At this time I am hoping to raise awareness about these type of devices not because they are dangerous, because they are wrong, in other words it crosses the threshold of what makes a man, human...
And no I dont want pass laws against these devices or ask people to boycott their manufacturers, cause that would be as counter productive as US boycott of Cuba or as desperate as some general at the height of Iraq war wanted to outlaw cell phones to stop the IEDs...
No all I want to do is show this device as what really it is, a cowards crutch.
And in time the sales will drop and the good folks who manufacture them will invent something more humane or start selling Cesar Milans books which emphasizes on humane ways of animal training...

Special thanks Bo Rock the Sheh Tzu & Pug mix for playing Monty The Monster
Bo Rocks original name was just Bo but since Mr. Obama got the Portuguese Water Dog for his girls Bos owner who manages a motel in Arkansas decided to call him Bo Rock as Barack ...respectfully of course.


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