Armed Vs Unarmed Victims

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This is a copy of a film from Please look at there page for more such news.

This is a comparison between Armed and Unarmed victims.

Unarmed Victims:

Son of village postmaster shot dead in robbery

Shotgun robbery captured on CCTV

Shotgun raid horror

Heavily pregnant woman went into labour after being attacked by a mugger

Baby thrown during armed robbery

Armed robbers attack man with axe

Serial Rapist Attacks 71+ Unarmed Women (London)

Career burglar gets life for the murder of 'brave' householder

2009 - Burglaries and knife robberies up

Home Invasion Rape South Africa

South Africa Home Invasion Murder

Mugger in Sex Attack


Armed woman kills sex offender trying to rape her for the second time

UK Farmer stops armed robbery with shotgun

Armed woman shoots her stalker whilst making 911 call

Armed man stops armed robbery

Armed homeowner shoots burglar

Armed man protects his home and family

Armed shopkeeper stops shoplifters

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