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Dreamland - 23rd May, 2009 - Alien Implant

"In one of the most extraordinary editions of Dreamland ever recorded, a scientist speaks about about an implant that was removed from his body. He has conscious memories of his close encounters with "grays" and specifically recalls the night in February of 2008 that the implant was placed in his body.

"This object has been studied extensively in a number of different laboratories, and is one of the strangest things ever seen. Among other things, it contains carbon nanotubes embedded in a manner that we do not understand. It contains nickel that shows isotopic ratios that prove it is not from earth.

"Prior to removal, it was found to be emitting a signal.

"Listen as Whitley Strieber asks this scientist about his encounters, about how he feels and what he thinks about the possibility of alien contact, and how this extraordinary experience has impacted the life of a man who completely rejected the very idea of an alien presence on earth before it entered his life."



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