George Bugging Out - Financial Talking Heads Explo

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George Bugging Out - Financial Talking Heads Explode - This is "THE" **Warning**

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Bugging out, going mobile, getting off the grid, homeless...doesn't it all equate to the same thing. We are becoming gypsies in our own land if you don't sign on the dotted line. Wish me luck...I am writing this from nowheresville wireless cafe. I will make updates when I can. It might be difficult to communicate at times. Right now I am looking for a roadside stop to rest my weary eyes. The family is fine, no matter what, we will keep this together. I know many of you have it much, much harder than me.

Dennis: (Intro remarks...) The credit markets thawing is going to be helping the stock markets. What do you think, Jeff?

Macke: I have no idea, Dennis. I'm going to talk to you like a child. If you understand what I'm saying, just say yeah.

Dennis: Okay. Yeah.

Macke: Yeah. See, you're what happens when you're trying to talk to car people at like a half an hour ago. I dismissed these people as idiots years ago. And now that I'm trying to finally engage them, they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Dennis: Okay.

Macke: Yeah. And so it's either a really simple thing and you're kind of tweaked but you get this joke which I'm assuming 90 percent of you does but you're just coming off the rails or, B, you don't and you're just even more confused now. I'm trying to be the voice of reason guiding you to the light.

Dennis: Well, just tell me next week or this week, markets up or markets down?

Macke: I don't know because I've honestly dismissed this entire game as idiocy the second I started talking to car people. That only occurred to me this morning, which is either really super-enigmatic to you or you're staring to feel the Band-aid come off.

Dennis: All right. Let's go to Fritz . . . .

Macke: (Giggles)

(On-point commentaries from other two guests.)

Dennis: Do you think we've got to see an improvement in jobless (sic) before the markets can really roll?

Macke: Okay. Again I'm going to talk to you like a child. Nod if you're with me.

Dennis: Nod if you're with me. I have no idea what you're saying.

Macke: I'm saying that you're talking to people who seem crazy. And either I'm a tremendous relief to you or this is a really elaborate joke on me. But I'm thinking you're smart enough to get this joke at this point 34 minutes into the show when you've started talking to auto people that you've gone crazy. Nod. Yeah. And Fritz --

Dennis: (Something I didn't get.) ... raising capital. You don't want to cheer for that?

Macke: No. I'm going to take one last stab at this, Dennis. Who knows. I dismissed Bank of America as lunatics about eight months ago, and I seemed to understand the world then. But now either lunatics are in the game. I don't know where they're playing. I've tried for the last three hours to communicate with Bank of America on TV, because app arently either I've gotten off the bus in Crazytown, but I'm much happier just trying to get them to speak to me in five words or less.

Dennis: A trader friend of mine says that these markets, they're here to make you feel foolish. So congratulations. I think all --

Macke: I'm going to go with crazy. Yes or no?

Dennis: Thanks a lot.

Macke: I'm trying to keep playing.

Dennis: (Thanks other guests.)

He then spoke of Bank of America....they have been supported by the government in giant terms the past year. The government only cares about 4 entities right now....

1) AIG 2) Goldman 3) JP Morgan 4) BOA

All fraud and money laundering is going on through these 4 groups. Nationalization of Fannie and Freddie were in direct response to China stating they were going to drop a financial A-Bomb on us if it wasn't done. Geithner was the lead go-between even as chief of the NY Fed.

Ever since that day last summer.....the game was over with no hope of recovery. All these little government cockroaches are now buying up real estate at 5% with 15x leverage and will just wait until we hyperinflate and pay off the loans like a tab at Denny's.



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