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Forbidden Archeology : Part 5/6

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Dec 18, 2007
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Has humanity existed on our planet for much longer than science has previously thought? This controversial program explores evidence that goes against traditional historical thought and theories surrounding our human origins. Most Archeologists ignore the artifacts and human fossils found in rock millions of years old. Explore the facts that science refuses to acknowledge.

This was an amazing eye opener! I always felt Modern Archeology was rock solid, but now I can see how data & cover-ups really are going on in Archeology! Here's some back round info on the show. On February 25th 1996 NBC aired a one-hour prime-time special, The Mysterious Origins of Man, hosted by Charlton Heston. Controversy exploded in the academic community following this telecast. Much of the material for the program was taken from the book Forbidden Archeology, featuring interviews with co-authors Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson on the show.

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