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uk police state abduct elderly woman


Betty Figg's daughter Rosalind had refused to take her mother back to a care home, claiming she was deeply unhappy there.

She and her husband spent thousands of pounds adapting their home so that Mrs Figg, 86, could live with them.

But social services called in the police who, armed with a battering ram, threw a towel over Mrs Figg's head and took her away from her family against their will.

Her daughter gave up a thriving pottery business to look after her and her partner, Christopher Roberts, 41, a builder, converted an annexe of their house into a bedroom with an en-suite toilet and shower with wheelchair ramps ready to bring Mrs Figg home.

They even fitted the bed with sensors in the mattress so an alarm would wake them if she got up in the middle of the night

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  • Wideawakeuk#

    Wideawakeuk June 3, 2009 12:25:09 AM CEST

    yup i know about the strawman and the way uk law works i will post a few videos on this subject that hold some very good information. Allso anyone who lives in the uk and is about to have a child or is planing on having one, its worth looking in to this matter as far as i am aware there is no law stating that you have to register your child.

  • Huge1234#

    Huge1234 June 2, 2009 11:54:01 PM CEST

    crunchy is right.... also check out tpuc.org... find out just how important your birth certificate is... AND HOW u can use it to get off charges in court etc the way the 'authorities' behave in this video is f'ing disguisting

  • Crunchy#

    Crunchy June 2, 2009 4:17:53 PM CEST

    guess what ...... the uk government "owns" that person just like they own your person (if your brittish)your parents signed away ownership of you when your birth was registered.watch this ... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4024663011008894776its crazy but they have a "legal" right to do this but not a lawful right.

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