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  • uploaded: Jun 2, 2009
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  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot July 17, 2009 3:39:59 AM CEST

    Perhaps I've missed something, but why don't they simply replicate it? Apparenty Cedar Sania was simply cataloging and documenting the results of the culture which had been developed by Doctor Samir Chachoua. Something doesn't sound right about this story.

  • Jacaroo#

    Jacaroo June 11, 2009 12:19:00 PM CEST

    sorry Idk where to start to help mate but I know that Hemp Oil cures all sorts of diseases including cancer but its classed as an illegal drug and they will be doing it to our food soon the UN is not our friends they claim to be all about human rights and protecting us they sat there and turned a blind eye when they knew that the east timorese in bali were being massacred to death in a police barrack supposedly they were told to go in there for their safety from guerrilla warfare and when they were herded in they were then hacked to peices slaughtered and it was all covered up the UN are nasty genocidal maniacs along with the rest of the shadow governments who are hell bent on killing 5 billion people all in the name of saving their mother earth all tree hugging extremists they feel human life isnt as important as animals and nature they also had a hand in sterilizing many women in order to stop them reproducing its all about population reduction and they dont care if a few of us die a terrible death from cancer thats a few less they have to herd up later and kill off when the implement their one world governance a full on police state to police the world like Hitlers reign only WORLD WIDE its a Orwellian nightmare and its all fact and its all true its about money and their agenda to kill us off the governance dont care our leaders are puppets and they are too scared to do anything but submit and they get threatend to shut their mouths and do as their told if they dont they get asassinated just like the kennedy brothers did after all they tried to abolish the federal reserve and the globalist bankers didnt like it so they killed him off understand this is not conspeiracy this is fact look into it research it plenty of vids on you tube about the New world Order. I hope it helps I dunno how else to help except give you points and tips so you can research it and share it a well informed public will stop them in thier tracks they get away with it because they have trained the public to trust the government and have denied its existance and using mainstream media to create propaganda oh yeah next thing in eugenics they plan to unleash on us IS AVIAN FLU look it up youtube has a bit about concentration camps in the US and Martial law and facts about the swine flu the fact that it appears to be man made ok well I dont want to over whelm you I wish to inform you so you can share it peace out brother and god bless god luck! PS look up Codex Alimenterious they plan to restrict all foods beneficial to our health and well being so that we all starve of malnutrition like the third world has it comes into effect in december 2009 share it with your friends its the most important thing to share!!

  • Famousmrthomas#

    Famousmrthomas June 3, 2009 9:21:56 PM CEST

    i ashamed to say that im a human. for whats in this video and the fact that after 445 views and not one person on here has commented. im that pissed im typing this in on a wii remote that is painstakingly slow to do. if anyone wants to start a dialog as to how we build our own legally recognised body to put these things in front of the un or someone, to force some fucking responce from the people who are paid to protect us add to my friends and will talk about where we can start from rather than just set up a here today gone tomorrow forum topic that will be attacked by crazy people and stupid comments. my god, has man lost it spine.SaveDiscard

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